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  1. 207
    Hi Everyone, I know this has been said 100 times but sadly I don't have the reqs to send people PM's yet so might as well ask publicly. Is anyone in the Hertfordshire area with a PP2000 able to help me activate my Cruise Control? Will to pay beer money! PS newish owner of a Nice 207 S16
  2. 206
    Hello everyone 👋 I have a PUG 206 sedan 2009, 1.6 16v (TU5JP4 NFU with Bosch ME7.4.5 ECU) It initially came with AL4 automatic gearbox. Which broke down and I decided to do a complete swap to MA5 manual transmission (couldn't find BE4). Long story short, after the swap I'm experiencing car...
  3. General Discussion
    As title states, dose the connector do anything more than encode can/van into serial and vice versa?
  4. 407
    I used to use an old laptop and old version of PP2000 for my 2006 407sw ...and it worked really well. When I was looking to move on to a 508sw, I realised my PP2000 didn't support the 508, so I installed a newer version: DiagBox 7.02. Before I sold the 407 it developed yet another ABS sensor...
  5. 307
    Hi everyone! I put my first post in introductions three days ago. I’ve been researching since. There’s a wealth of information here! Thanks all! Anyway, I’m trying to help my father-in-law with his 307 from 2003. It has the dreaded ABS light immediately on startup. So I followed all of your...
  6. 207
    Hello guys, i saw video on youtube were guy enabled windows to close when holding lock button on the key. I have 207 with all 4 electric widows and all of them are automatic, did anyone else do it or knows what option it is in pp2000?
  7. 206
    Hey, guys. I'm new to this forum so let me introduce myself first. I'm a proud second and who knows (third, fourth etc.) owner of Peugeot 206 SW. It was my dream car and finally got one and I had it for year and half. So recently I've been trying to make some "mods" on it and by "mods" - I mean...
  8. 206
    Hi, I've recently purchased my first car back (05 plate 206 Sport, 2.0HDi), definitely missed my diesel! In the time it's been away the last owner has managed to lose the remote key and code card so just have the transponder key. So looking to get a remote key cut/programmed (aware this needs...
1-8 of 8 Results