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power steering

  1. 307 Feline edition - No power steering

    Hi everyone, I have a 2006 307 feline edition 180. Around 6 months ago I noticed my power steering was intermittent. Sometimes it would go off for a minute or two other times longer. I searched on forums for advice and saw it is a fairly common problem. I checked the fluid level and it was very...
  2. Possible Power Steering Motor Repair

    Hi, last night I went to drive home from work, and once I’d started the engine before I could even move away I was met with a warning message on the dash saying “Power Steering Fault” and the icon was illuminated on the dash. I did not move the vehicle anywhere, and called the AA. They have...
  3. Steering - swishing sound servo, wheel becomes hard to turn to the right more often than left. Intermittent

    HAd my camber and toe angel adjsuted after changing some wear and tear around the front wheels. Now i notice that my steering gets hard to turn intermittent, seems to get some lag but works better when turning to the left, then goes hard when doing right turn. This happens most when driving...
  4. 1997 Peugeot 306 N5 2.0 16v XSi (XU10J4R) - power steering options Australia

    Hi forum I’ve picked up a 1997 Peugeot 306 N5 2.0 16v XSi (XU10J4R) with worn gator that has let grit etc into the steering rack. Probably not something I can refurb, though the rest looks ok......including links, ram and rods etc. There’s not a lot of options for aftermarket Peugeot parts...
  5. Power steering fluid lifespan

    Does power steering need replacement like other fluids? Eg in a 15yr old car? Is there a plug to dump old fluid or a bleed valve? Whilst changing engine oil on a Peugeot in family I turned by hand both wheels whilst front end on jack stands. There was a noise that sounded like air was in the...