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  1. Looking For
    Hello I am looking for a peugeot engine My car is Peugeot 607 SE 16V (2230 CC) with Chasis number VF39D3FZB92034788 Engine number: LJ020296743 Do you happen to have one in stock
  2. 607
    How i can remove turbo on that model. Also it says on obd scanner that pank A temps sensor is broken. Where i can locate it. I dont want to send it to repairs because i want to know about my car myself. Please help! 😥
  3. 607
    Hello, I have a 2.2 litre petrol engine Peugeot 607 year 2001. I need to swap the engine with 2.2 HDi. My car is 5 gear manual transmission. Is it possible to swap engines? If yes what i am supposed to have apart from the engine for my car to work?
1-3 of 3 Results