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  1. 206 Gti 136bhp questions

    I’ve just picked up my 53 plate 206 Gti, absolutely love it. However, the only issue I’m finding is that the speedometer does not work when starting off. Once I’m on a duel carriageway/motorway or driving for a good few minutes the speedometer will then start to kick in but will fluctuate. After...
  2. Apple CarPlay

    2008 (2019+)
    Hi, I’ve just ordered a new e2008 GT and I was wondering if Apple CarPlay on the new 2008 can use wireless connectivity or if you have to plug it in to the USB port using a lightening cable? Thanks! Simon
  3. 2009 407 Bluetooth

    Hi everyone, I've recently managed to get a Bluetooth adapter working in my 407 through the AUX 1 port which I enabled through Diagbox. However it seems like the Bluetooth is permanently powered on, even when the car is turned off. I wired it through the blue and green/white cables on the back...
  4. Video. Timing chain problem on Peugeot 308? Newbie needs help

    308 (2007-2014)
    Hi guys, I’m new to Peugeot and got myself a 308 so I’m a bit clueless. When starting the car I heard this noise and recorded it. Is this a timing chain problem or am I overthinking? Please help a newbie here. I appreciate it. Thanks and stay safe
  5. Peugeot 206 SW Cruise Control Nightmare

    Hey, guys. I'm new to this forum so let me introduce myself first. I'm a proud second and who knows (third, fourth etc.) owner of Peugeot 206 SW. It was my dream car and finally got one and I had it for year and half. So recently I've been trying to make some "mods" on it and by "mods" - I mean...
  6. New Alternator whining sound

    Hi, I tried to look for a similar tread, unfortunately could not find a match. Sorry if this has been coverd already. I have a 206 1.4, 75 Hk From: 2005 The Alternator stopped working and was not charging the battery properly. Meassured with voltmeter and the Battery died. Bought a new...
  7. Engine faults) How much do you think it cost to maintain Peugeot 508 this year?

    508 (2011-18)
    This is Collin Choi, living in Eastern Europe. How much do you think it cost to maintain my car, Peugeot 508 this year? It was over 1.6 K eur this year. But still good. I will keep driving it for other 10 years.