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  1. Partner
    Hi, im in the middle off converting my partner from a two seater to a three seater and i need the metal bracket that holds the belt up, can anybody tell me what there called and if there sold at main dealers or if theres a different solution. Thanks
  2. Partner
    I recently purchased this Peugeot partner and have just found out the bottom back break lights only work when the side lights are turned on .. the top strip light works all the time and all the other lights work fine.. can anyone tell me if this is normal for this car or do i have a fault?
  3. Partner
    I have a 2003 peugeot partner. Its a 2.0 hdi. Last week on the way to work it cut out at the traffic lights then restarted. Carried on down the road and lost all power dropped the clutch and engine died. It started and made the rest of my journey. When i arrived at my location the van cut out...
  4. Partner
    Hi there. If someone could please assist me in the following: For someone who is OCD about putting things back the way they are supposed to, it seems that I can't remember how the jack and its tools actually fit in the partner below the passenger seat. Here is how the dealership say they...
1-4 of 4 Results