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  1. 406
    Can anyone more knowledgeable than me talk me through the steps needed to take, for a successful ECU swap. Wiring issues fried the old one, fixed the wiring. Bought used ECU, probably non-virgin. Can one succesfully do it with PP2000 and what sort of codes will be needed, have fresh keyfob with...
  2. 406
    Hi my 406 2003 hdi gearbox is stuffed does any know if I can run a petrol box from an older model from a 406
  3. 406
    Hello everyone, I want to further tune my car, but don't want to spend too much money on new parts, as i've been saving up. So I've been wondering, Is the SMF from the 90 HP model compatible enough to be put on the 110 HP model, as the DMF is driving me nuts. Also are 2.2 HDi injector needles...
1-3 of 3 Results