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  1. 307
    Just fitted new discs and pads all round, checked new vs old, checked with calipers cleaned parts, rebuilt, checked for free turning, took for test drive and after 2 miles abs esp and stop lights came on, stripped back down and the abs ring has gouges out of it on both sides, any idea on causes...
  2. 307
    Anyone changed their back seat speakers in a 307cc? How do I easiest reach them to replace them?
  3. 307
    Had an issue with the wife's 2007 307cc 2L petrol It would cutout when slowing down at a junction the accelerating away If I came to a stop then pulled away it was fine. So after changing a number of components it was still doing it. I finally got it fixed after speaking to my mot guy. . He...
  4. 307
    Hello everyone, I'm new here and i apologize if i'm violating any terms by posting here, but i have a problem. Roof cable of the back latch has snapped on my peugeot and i can't open the roof. I located the snapped area and i think i'll have to take the roof cover down to check it. I'm...
  5. 307
    I'm a skint single parent with not much room for error lol Ie: can't afford to throw money away unnecessarily (which I'm sure none of us do lol) The roof worked ok yesterday Today it stopped halfway through and can hear clicking noise when it's supposed to be doing the next stage Message on...
  6. 307
    Hi Everyone I have a problem with my 307cc, after driving 20 km now i can hardly turn the steering wheel. If I stop for 10 to 15 minutes, it get normal again , but will start being difficult and practically impossible to drive. It seems to become more frequent now. The car has only 110000km...
1-6 of 6 Results