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  1. 306
    I'm new here, and a new driver (got my licence 3 months ago). This is my first car. My 306 LX 1.6L runs perfectly fine most of the time. Only got 49k on the clock. However, I'm having a problem where if I haven't driven the car in say 6+ hours, about 100 yards down the road it kicks into limp...
  2. 306
    We are looking for the Power steering hose for model 1998, 306 LHD 1.9D 950kw/68hp) VIN VF37ADJYT32287979. Can anyone help please. we are based in France and cannot find one here.
  3. 306
    Hello everyone. My friend has a Peugeot 306 hatchback. It's a 306 1.8L original engine I believe it's model is PSA LFZ With 6frwd box So the history was. (Car working extremely well) We installed a T25 turbo. 7lbs stock turbo. But we used too big of a pipe from engine to turbo. So it wasn t...
  4. 306
    Currently, forgetting the background of this car, I need advice on what you see without judgement. The right > rear wheel is clearly stuck up ∆ giving some hang time. Having a look under the rear end I see rust. Mostly surface rust but some areas are worse, notably the right hand side. So, my...
  5. Maintenance
    The car is a Peugeot 306 orage, 1997. Noticed the headlight on buzzer/warning sound isn't working. I think the problem might be in the door hinges, but I can't locate the wires, tried looking for descriptions of what to do, videos or images but didn't find anything helpful. Should check the...
  6. 306
    Hi forum I’ve picked up a 1997 Peugeot 306 N5 2.0 16v XSi (XU10J4R) with worn gator that has let grit etc into the steering rack. Probably not something I can refurb, though the rest looks ok......including links, ram and rods etc. There’s not a lot of options for aftermarket Peugeot parts...
1-6 of 6 Results