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  1. Advice for choosing between 307 facelift and 207 model

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, I am a new member of this forum and I must say that already I found some helpful tips, but I still want to ask the following question. I have been a Hyundai user for 20 years but at last my old friend has decided to give up and I thought that it is time for a new car. After careful...
  2. Peugeot 207 2009 1.4 8v Passenger Electric Window problem!

    General Discussion
    HI, The passenger side window has stopped working, not going up or down. The drivers side is still working fine and the switch on that side appears to be working, just not the switch for the passengers side. I have checked the fuses and they are all fine. There is no noise coming from any...
  3. Central Locking not working from Key button - Solved

    Bought a 207 1.6 HDi SE hatchback earlier this year (Feb 2020). It had an annoying issue which was although you could open the doors with the key and start the ignition, you could only lock/unlock the doors with the key button with the key under 30mm from the ignition switch, which was a bit...
  4. P1749 Fault; 207 2-tronic

    Hi Everyone, I have a 207 2-tronic that has been running for around 145.000 Km. I bought this car last year and there was no problem until at last of April 2020 it shocked me with a gearbox faulty message when I shifted my gear from N to 1. The gear did not want to shift to gear 1 and I lost...
  5. 207 1.4 Thermostat keeps disintegrating

    I have went through 5 thermostats in a few months, first the steam covers the windscreen and I open the bonnet to find engine coolant pouring from a crumbled thermostat. Any idea what may be causing this? Car has had new head gasket and timing belt. Heaters also do not get hot, just very...
  6. Peugeot 207 gt vs peugeot 207 rc

    Hello guys, new here and i need your opinion. I've allways wanted a peugeot 207 rc, since i was a little kid :) 4 months ago i have got my driver license and i was looking for a 207rc 2007/2008 for ~4000euro. Today i found a 207 gt 2010 with 90k km for 3900 euro. The thing that bothers me is...