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  1. 206
    Hey guys. I got a problem, take a look (i have a PEUGEOT 206 1.4 PETROL/GASOLINE 2009 model) This is the story: A few days ago my car stopped starting but it was cracking and the problem was the FUSE related to the FUEL PUMP(it was not set properly) and at the end it worked. Right after that...
  2. 206
    Hey guys, nice to meet you! I got a Peugeot 206 Generation 2009 Petrol version (1.4 liters) and my current battery is dead and i want to replace it. The problem is that i dont know which one should i choose because winter is coming and i also want to add a multimedia radio station on my front...
  3. 206
    Hi,I have a problem with a 206.Engine runs smoothly until it warms up,then out of the blue it cuts out and it wont start up until it cools down.I scanned the engine for faults but found none.Can anybody who had a similar issue help to narrow it down to something?
  4. 207
    Hi, I’ve got my sisters Peugeot 207 and noticed a triangle warning light with a “!” inside. It isn’t red, it’s amber colour. We know the main fuel line is dodgy from the way it drives however, could this be the causing this light to pop up? Thanks in advance
  5. 206
    Okay so I know this was asked before, but I got a 206 with a 1.4 petrol in it and I need the summary of most likely causes of it overheating. In my case, the engine overheats slowly while idling and pretty fast while driving. It seems as if the thermostat doesn't open even though it's a month or...
  6. 206
    Hi all ,new to this. Can anyone tell me if My Peugeot 206 SW (2E/K) 55kw 1.4 petrol engine has adjustable tappets. year of manufacture is 2003. Thanks
  7. 207
    I changed the head gasket on my Peugeot 207 2007 1.4 16v KFU in March earlier this year and at least managed to get it road worthy enough to pass its mot and do 3000 miles since then however has ran rough and idled high through that time. Now I’ve decided I’ve had enough so have been trouble...
  8. 207
    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help, the dreaded anti-pollution fault light has come on. It happened around 4 months ago and disappeared but it looks like it is sticking around now! Is it best just to take it to a garage for a diagnostic test? any suggestions welcome! thanks
  9. 206
    Does anyone know what this ticking noise is, is it a electrical fault or a mechanical fault I have two warning lights come on now and then saying ‘anti pollution fault’ and ‘catalytic converter fault’ just need some advice or a second opinion of what is could be? I am trying to fix my car by...
  10. 207
    Sorry long post !!! Hi I’ve got Peugeot 207 1.4 2007 16v petrol. Not had it long. Noticed it had leak coming from above alternator no problems with this but been told by mechanic it will need new head gasket eventually but no symptoms as yet Had new gear box fitted and drive shaft as the cv...
  11. 207
    Hey guys, recently I discovered a problem with my P207 1.4P. My fuel reading goes up to 30l per 100km, but when I fill the tank to the top, and refill it after 100km, fuel consumption is about 9l per 100km and the car is driven mainly in city. Which is good, considering I'm 2km away from work...
1-11 of 11 Results