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  1. 107
    I have a tronic 107 2013 plate. I only drive in the auto side. Since Jan 2022 my car has been taken to the pergoet dealer using extended pergeot warrenty to repair the fault. A gear light that comes on after the engine turned off. This after 15 secs. I have broken down twice when light came on...
  2. 107
    I have found that if i rev the engine when parked it vbrates, you can feel in under the drivers seat, a friend looked and said that the engine and bonet also vibrates when you small rev on a distance drive you dont notice it, (recently drived 240miles no problem) Have had a new exhaust...
  3. 107
    Ok, as a loving father I bought my eldest a black 107, paid the money and drove home. first observation was the left indicator led was out, no issues with that (even though I thought it was a simple bulb replacement!). The second and more concerning is the speedo wont go above 30, in fact I goes...
  4. 107
    Hi 👋 I've just got a Peugeot 107 2006, it clearly hasn't been taken care of the best.. I've already done a couple of repairs myself (because money is tight) and I'm moving onto the brake pads and discs next, they were advisories on the last 2 MOT's and the next one is due in a few weeks. I'm...
  5. 107
    New to this but really want to give my Peugeot 107 a bit of a facelift. I have a 57 plate but looking at changing front bumper but most sites are saying thw 2009 and 2012 facelifts won’t fit my car? Any one have any clue why I can’t?
  6. 107
    hi can someone please help me? a few months ago the gear light came on dash, then went off stayed off. few months later came on when i was braking i have search everywhere for an answer. i have changed the wheels from 14 to 15 but this weekend will refit to see if that stops it. i can't find...
  7. 107
    Hey! I've been having trouble with my 107.. I have the battery warning light on my dashboard.. I got a new terminal for each the positive and earth and I also got a new battery however its still on.. I thought it could be the alternator however when a friend tested a wire on the alternator to...
  8. 107
    Has anyone made there 107 pop and bang if so what have you done to it so I can make mine do the same ?
  9. 107
    Hi Guys, A couple of days ago, I removed front passenger seat and today I put it back and still I see blinking airbag warning light. Please can anyone help me how to fix this one. I attached pictures that I removed and put it back.
  10. 107
    Hi guys, I have a semi automatic peugeot 107 2011 sport edition. What could it be, when I want to drive faster, it looks like Im holding cluch and accelerator pedal in one time... Rpm is rising, but car dont run so so fast. But its ok, when I'm driving slow, like some old fart :D I checked oil...
  11. 107
    Hi there, I am a new driver and new to this forum. I have Peugeot 107, 2009, 1.0 petrol, Manual. I did service 8 months ago and changed engine oil etc and have driven 1500 miles. When do I need to change the engine oil and/or filter now? I am thinking to change it (Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start...
1-11 of 11 Results