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  1. Partner
    Hi there, Recently my battery died on on my Peugeot Partner 1.6hdi, I changed the battery and ever since around a minute (give or take) after turning the van off, the lights and windscreen wipers come on by themselves. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Partner
    can’t seem to find anything about this online. I have a 2012 Peugeot partner 2 seat. Is it possible to remover the passenger seat and install a twin passenger seat? thanks in advance
  3. Partner
    For the first time I have had to open the Ad Blue filler cap on our 17 reg Partner TeePee I cannot open it. It twists in the direction of the arrow marked 'open' but it then comes against a stop. I have tried pushing as I twist, but that does no work. I am reluctant to twist hard, in case I...
  4. Partner
    Hi all move got a 55 plate 1.9 diesel partner that’s had anew battery but still doesn’t start sometimes. Usually starts perfectly but some times I turn the key and nothing just dead, no starter motorbut all the usual lightson the dash and the radio works. Turn it off and on againa few times and...
  5. General Discussion
    I have a peugeot partner esplanade combi 2.0 HDi and had to replace the near side sliding door handle which I have done but cannot get the mechanism to work properly and think it may be the way the two wires are connected. Can anyone help with details on how to do this or where i can get a...
  6. Partner
    I have posted several requests for help on this forum since getting my first Peugeot in 2017 but not had one response. I have a Peugeot Partner Esplande 2.0 HDi on 04 plate. I have to remove the alternator to check if this has ceased and needs replacing. To get this out I need to move the PAS...
  7. Partner
    I have a Partner Esplande Combi 2.0 HDi which failed to turn over after driving ok and then parked for 15 minutes. While it was ticking over I noticed smoke coming from the offside above the light. I got this recovered home and removed the gearbox to check that and the clutch and that the engine...