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  1. Partner
    Hi all, my beloved/bloody van is playing me up yet again....... The top hinge pin on the right rear door has rusted out, which meant the door wasn't closing properly, thus the door sensor was kicking off and I couldn't lock the vehicle without giving g the door some welly when shutting it. I've...
  2. Partner
    Hi all, me again! My window has always been a bit dodgy but got completely stuck the other day. Gratefully the window is shut, but as the weather warms up I'd really like to be able to open it! I'm not currently able to pry the panel off to have a nose about due to an injury, but with the...
  3. Partner
    Hi all, I bought a second hand 1.6hdi partner a couple of months back and have had intermittent starting issues. I initially thought it had to be the immobiliser, but my Dad/mechanic isn't sure it isn't the starter: if I turn the ignition on all is fine, but if I try to turn it over all...
1-3 of 3 Results