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parking sensor

  1. New 508 SW - parking sensors are unreliable

    508 (2018+)
    Hello everyone, I received my 508 SW petrol GT Line two weeks ago and I am enjoying almost everything (great ride, design, seats and storage space) except for the parking sensors, which I find incredibly frustrating. My previous car was an Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the parking sensors were very...
  2. Parking sensor audio off

    Good Morning I've opened left back door cover to clean it so i plugged out its headset then i plugged in it again and everything working fine. After that the parking sensors audio went off i had no more " beeps" sound but the sensor itself working fine on screen it has no problem. What's the...
  3. OEM parking sensors and central locking key fob

    greetings all. i have a '01 Peugeot 406 2.0 petrol (XU10J4R,yes,maybe a bit odd for you guys since i'm from Indonesia,this country on top of Australia) so,i have a question regarding getting an OEM parking sensors from a higher-spec model,since my car is a basic model,it doesn't have one,and...