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  1. 307
    Hi, My son has a 2004 307 2.0 HDi DW10TD 66kW which has the following codes. P1351 and P0401. The anti-pollution warning has come on and the EML. Car has gone into limp mode and has no power. The codes where cleared and the P1351 code has come back which states its the pre-heater relay...
  2. 407
    Hi all recently got a Peugeot 407 2007 2.7hdi done 150,000km. runs smoothly when it wants to. sometimes when first driving it stutters but once warm it goes fine. recently had the engine light with codes P0405 P1351 The next day it just disappeared any help will be appreciated thanks.
  3. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi Guys, I Have the strangest problem with my 2010 308 hdi. I get P1351 Preheating relay circuit fault code,the car starts but after a drive when the engine is hot, the motor will crank but wont start. So after letting her cool down she starts again. But the weirdest thing i have figured out is...
  4. 407
    Left side: Right side: The ESP/ABS suddenly gets disabled after driving a little bit, but it works fine when I restart the engine. And that is the only code I get, I took the wheels of to check the ABS sensors and found the two loose wires/cables. And gonna check the glow plugs...
  5. 206
    I have tryed changeing the glow plugs, and removeing the code, but it reapears when i cold start my car. It doesnt have any problem starting, even in winter, but i just want the engine code to be gone. I cant locate the relay to test it, or the wirering.
1-5 of 5 Results