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  1. 407 overheating

    Hi, I have Peugeot 407sw hdi 136. In the last couple of days my radiator fans have been cutting on once the temp gets to 90c +. They continue to run when it gets to the red but comes down after a while , there is fluid in the tank and nothing has been changed. My initial thought was thermostat...
  2. Overheating - Rupturing Radiator and AC return Hose

    Mine is a 1.6L Petrol Engine (TU5JP4) and 4-speed AT (AL4) manufactured in 2011.. It started having overheating problem after I went for automatic gear transmission fluid change especially in traffic. Got worse over weekend when the temp gauge went red and indicated STOP. I noticed coolant was...
  3. Coolant leak... car come to a stop, oil leak and now won’t start

    So my 207 Coolant temp sensor popped out today and coolant went everywhere. On a 70mph road, I suddenly had no control over the speed of the car. I pulled over and the red battery light came up. White smoke coming out of engine bay, black oil under the engine. Fitted the sensor again, topped up...