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oil leak

  1. 206
    Hi, I have a 2007 Peugeot 206 look. I had my MOT yesterday and they said they got as far as checking the lights and got it up on the ramp before noticing a big oil leak and stopping the test at that point. Firstly, they said that upon checking the fog light there was an issue (did not...
  2. 207
    207 Diesel I've attached a video showing where oil is dripping from the top of the engine. I don't know where the leak originates. If anyone could tell me what the likely suspects are in that area I'd be very grateful. Thanks
  3. 207
    So my 207 Coolant temp sensor popped out today and coolant went everywhere. On a 70mph road, I suddenly had no control over the speed of the car. I pulled over and the red battery light came up. White smoke coming out of engine bay, black oil under the engine. Fitted the sensor again, topped up...