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  1. My Peugeot app issues with e208

    e-208 (2020+)
    Hi guys, just signed up for this forum as I’ve been having a few annoying intermittent issues with the app and e-remote and wanted to see if other were seeing the same issues. Basically I’ve been experimenting with the delay charge feature and setting it both within the app and within the car...
  2. MyPeugeot App Problems...

    308 (2014+)
    Hi downloaded the MyPeugeot App entered my VIN number all goes it correctly but when I go to the ‘Maintenance’ section it tells me that it’s unable to retrieve the start date of my vehicles warranty to display it. Has any one else has this problem? And when I go to purchase the speed camera...
  3. MyPeugeotApp

    2008 (2013-2019)
    I have exported my data from the App to delete and then reinstall the App to try and make it work. Has anyone ever been able to import the data back into the App. It just won't accept the files.
  4. My Peugeot app keeps crashing

    General Discussion
    Hi, I have an old iPhone SE and the latest version of mypeugeot app ( v1.25 from 14 August ) crashes moments after it launches. I use latest IOS 13.6.1. I have the same problem on my IPhone 6S when I try it on this phone, so think the phone can't be the problem unless its the latest IOS that's...
  5. e208 update and remotely setting air con

    General Discussion
    Hi, 1) Does anyone know if the e208 (mine arrived on 23rd July) is due a screen update? It mentions it on the app but when running the .exe on a PC it does not complete. The message received is 'Peugeot update does not allow the update for this vehicle'. I have not got the in-built...
  6. MyPeugeot App Trip History Wrong Date - 308 2020

    308 (2014+)
    Hello everyone, MyPeugeot app trip history began with March 2007. I couldn't fix this. Any suggestions?