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  1. 607
    Hi guys. Peugeot 607, 2.0 HDI 2006 facelift model. Had intermittent wipers on and they worked. Got out of car and back in, drove off and thought they haven't come on again. Checked fuse in engine bay, fuse 12 i think, 30Amp. Looked ok but changed it and not working so changed back. Later that...
  2. 206
    Hi guys, im new and i have poor english, so don't judge me :) It's seems like my temperature adjuster motor and the little plastic are broken in my pug. The motor is behr a7583 ub21 and i would like to change that to a new one, but i can't find any videos or anything else to know how can i do...
1-2 of 2 Results