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  1. 407
    My 2009 407 1.6 hdi has just failed on emissions, its normally well low. So quite unusual. I don't understand how do they they get the average, it started out at 0.73 at peak 1 then 0.62 at peak 2, then jumped up to 1.47 on peak 3, then the final 3 were. 64,. 45,. 36. All the images I have...
  2. 207
    Just had my 207cc 1.6 120HP MOT'd and it has failed on lambda emissions. It has flown through on CO and HC readings (0.02 CO against an allowable max of 0.30 and 8 ppm HC against a max of 200), however the lambda reading on both the fast idle tests was over the maximum allowable 1.030, by just...
1-2 of 2 Results