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  1. 206
    Hello everyone 👋 So following to my previous thread I've managed to get another Bosch ME7.4.5 ECU. Everything I know it was from a Citroen Berlingo with the same engine as mine (but it initially came with mechanical gbox unlike mine). However, this ECU was used as a test sample in few...
  2. 2008 (2019+)
    How do I find the mileage information on the 3d I cockpit I can find the trip comp and how many miles it has left for the fuel but I can't find the actual mileage information to see how many miles it has done can someone please help 🙏
  3. 307
    I have 307 SW I noticed that the mileage is always shown even when the car is off and door closed. Is this bug fault? I bought it only today hope it is ok. Other question, I when I turn on the engine, I get message about Antipolution
  4. General Discussion
    Please at your convenience can someone direct me as new to Peugeot and to the forum my question is on my 2005 1.4 S 5 door as I have not a full service record does this car have a timing belt or chain as it has now showing 64.000 genuine miles and no record on or in engine of timing belt change...
1-4 of 4 Results