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  1. How to restart the infotainment system?

    508 (2018+)
    Hello, on start this morning my infotainment screen had frozen. Pressing the touchscreen or the physical buttons does not seems to do anything. When I've turned off the engine and locked the car the infotainment screen does not turn off and stays frozen still. How can I restart the infotainment...
  2. No new RCC update since 1_076_16.1B116.4 - 2019-07-02?

    3008 (2017+)
    Hi there, first time posting, fairly long time lurker. I have a 2017 3008, and I have always found new updates in the iOS app by hitting "Vehicle/Cars touchscreen" (my app is in Swedish, so I had to guess on the translation, sorry). When I hit that, I see that there is a 2019-07-02 update, but I...