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  1. How to guides and tutorials
    Hi, looking for help, i have a Peugeot 508 RXH, want to replace my halogen headlights with Xenon/HID headlights. I have the headlights already and i wonder what extra wiring. By the look of it for new headlights are having 10 and 4 pin and mine are 4 and 3 pin. Any advise please for extra wiring...
  2. 3008 Hybrid4
    Received a letter last week requesting recall of my February 2020 LHD Hybrid 4 for the rather vague reason translated as "quality issues with wiring harness". Took it in for the inspection and and asked for more details. The receptionist said this was the first car they had seen for the recall...
  3. 3008 Hybrid4
    Hi, I would like to hardwire a Viofo 129 Pro Duo to my 2020 LHD 3008 Hybrid 4. I have skimmed through the 22 pages of dashcam discussions on various models but cant find the answer to my questions. For parking mode to work I need an "always on" source when the car is parked as well as a...
1-3 of 4 Results