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  1. 206
    Hi, I have the Peugeot 206 airbag light issue, only thing left needed to sort mot out, is there anyone near or in Bristol who has Peugeot planet that could help please ?
  2. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hi so I’m after some advice, as I am not a car person! I bought a used 208 (2014 plate) in June, I had an issue with my speaker system and have just had a new head unit fitted due to it being faulty. Before today, my cars touchscreen had the standard touchscreen with just Bluetooth on it, e.g...
  3. 207
    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help, the dreaded anti-pollution fault light has come on. It happened around 4 months ago and disappeared but it looks like it is sticking around now! Is it best just to take it to a garage for a diagnostic test? any suggestions welcome! thanks
  4. Audio (Sound) and Multimedia
    Hello! I'm trying to find Peugot 407 (RT4) 2016-2020 (Any Between 2016-2020) Maps. The price for the maps from Peugot are ridiculously high. I've tried searching for them online but when i tried one of them it started calculating route and was stuck doing so. Any help appriceated!
  5. 306
    So I noticed that my 1997 Peugeot had oil in the coolant so I replaced the gasket and got the head skimmed but upon reinstalling I had the timing out 180 so readjusted the timing and still not starting. The fuel pump is working and the spark plugs are sparking. The battery is fully charged so I...
  6. 207
    Today I reversed uphill and the car suddenly speeded up even though clutch was half way pressed down. After that smoke started to come in from the vents. Opened hood and smoke was coming from the right side of the engine. After that the car started to make these squeaking sounds which also stop...
  7. 206
    I have tryed changeing the glow plugs, and removeing the code, but it reapears when i cold start my car. It doesnt have any problem starting, even in winter, but i just want the engine code to be gone. I cant locate the relay to test it, or the wirering.
  8. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi guys, I’m new to Peugeot and got myself a 308 so I’m a bit clueless. When starting the car I heard this noise and recorded it. Is this a timing chain problem or am I overthinking? Please help a newbie here. I appreciate it. Thanks and stay safe
  9. General Discussion
    Hi all if anyone could help. In this time I have had off work I got round too taking the door card off too get too the speakers too change it as one is making a funny buzzing noise. I am stuck on what speaker too get for upgrading them if anyone else has upgraded there's and the front two door...
  10. 407
    hi i have been getting a whistling noise from my car when it is reved hard or when you are accelerate hard,the car has no warning lights or any loss of power or smoke or any symntoms apart from the slight whistle (not a whine) well i was looking around the engine and i noticed a hole with two...
  11. 2008 (2019+)
    We're fully aware of the small button to turn it off (Located by the knee on the right of the steering wheel) but is there something we're missing? On the 3008 (2017) you could disable it in the car settings but on the new 2008 there doesn't seem to be anyway to disable it... Maybe there's a...
  12. 407
    hi i was driving the car today and it was running great until i stopped and put fuel in the car,within 2 minutes it was chugging and i was getting a exclamation mark on the screen saying something along the lines of engine management failure or error but no light? if u turned it off and removed...
  13. 407
    hi i have a Peugeot 407 coupe 2.2 petrol and i am wondering how to get more power out of it? i looked at the turbo route but thats too expensive. i have considered a 50 shot of NOS and a air filter and stainless exhaust with a vegaz manifold? any ideas would be helpfull
  14. 407
    hi i have a 407 coupe with the ew12j4s engine and my fuel gauge has gone to the lowest mark and the fuel light has come on was working yesterday but today there is no reading,when you turn the power off theres no reaction. Usually it stays on the correct level until the screen in the...
  15. 307
    Hi there can someone please help was driving my 06 Peugeot 307 it went completely dead while driving I got it jumped start it was fine after that for about 10 minutes!! I jump started it again and it would not start!! I then towed it 2 garage while towing it the car was continuously beeping with...
  16. 307
    Does anyone know the correct method for replacing the turbo oil feed pipe on Peugeot 307 sw? The original pipe started to leak around the flex, so i bought another one from ebay and replaced it. Now it wasn't an original one from Peugeot, just some store online was selling them. When i...
  17. 3008 (2017+)
    Hello, A neighbour of mine has cracked the rear bumper of his 3008, it’s a silver chrome effect strip that goes across the bumper. I cannot find this part online and wonder if there is a specific name for it? Or even where to find the part number? It’s part 2 of this image. Any help is much...