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  1. 2008 (2019+)
    I have Peugeot 2008 automatic year 2019 A 5p coin has fallen into the gear handle leaver n is preventing the gearshit from selecting P. is their anyway of removing this or is it a big job? Thanks any help is appreciated
  2. 2008 (2013-2019)
    Hi All, - as you can tell I am no mechanic, but if anyone can confirm a couple of part numbers would be really appreciated. I'm looking to replace my Belt Tensioner this weekend, and I can't believe there are multiple different versions ;-( I know my engine is used in Mini's etc but always...
  3. 2008 (2013-2019)
    Hi all, Newbie here and been a lurker on your site for ages and found some really interesting posts… - have searched the site but can’t find any info on my problem….. But I need help… and unfortunately, I have many questionso_O Car I have is Peugeot 2008, 2014, 1598cc EPC6, manual, Feline.(y) My...
1-3 of 3 Results