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  1. 307
    Hello guys, I have a 307 Break (2003) 2.0 hdi 90HP RHY engine code, with Bosch fuel pressure system. The check engine light has turned on and we have got the following codes: P0101 - Air flow sensor circuit, at maximum limit P0402 - EGR valve; positive deviation P1138 - Fuel pressure regulator...
  2. 306
    anyone know where the oil pressure switch is on 2.0hdi, I think its the one above the oil filter but am not sure any help would be appreciated, Thanks :)
  3. Looking For
    Hi all, I have removed the old flywheel off my vehicle and I am after sourcing a new item. Markings on the flywheel indicate it is a 990026 part. Does anyone know of anyone who sells an identical or car compatible item please? Many thanks in advance, Gary
1-3 of 3 Results