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  1. 206
    Just bought a 180 off a friend it was parked up 4 years ago all working but now won’t start I’ve put a new battery in the key and the locking works , I’ve put a new battery on the car to , anyone help ? I’ve done a BSI reset and had no luck , it’s says eco mode active climate control isn’t lit...
  2. 206
    I’ve just picked up my 53 plate 206 Gti, absolutely love it. However, the only issue I’m finding is that the speedometer does not work when starting off. Once I’m on a duel carriageway/motorway or driving for a good few minutes the speedometer will then start to kick in but will fluctuate. After...
  3. Looking For
    Hi guys, looking for some pistons from an older 16v 1.6l engine.
  4. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hey guys, So my GTI’s diff makes this rumbling noises and makes the car vibrate when im doing a tight turn. I tested this by going full lock and driving in a circle. The vibration goes on without stopping, doesnt matter if the engine is cold or warm. Also, when trying to grip for traction (like...
1-4 of 4 Results