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  1. 207
    Where can I find an earthing point in the glove box of my 207cc? I’m planning to wire LED lighting to the fuse box. I hoped I’d be able to remove the side panel (air bag compartment) with upholstery removal tools but everything seems like one fixed piece and I can’t find any steel. Thanks :)
  2. 407
    Hi guys, From couple of days my when I press the turning signal (left or right) the side indicators started blinking very fast, like twice as fast. The fault codes that I received are: CF25 and C26 (Trailer fuse box or bodywork converter unit fault: rear(left) directional fault trailer)...
  3. 407
    My 2006 407 wouldn't start and after towing to a local garage it was diagnosed as a faulty/dead fuse box. It turns out that Peugeot are no longer supplying the part. There are some yards selling used parts however the local Peugeot mechanic says that the boxes are coded and that if he were to...
1-3 of 3 Results