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  1. 307
    Hi all, Yesterday after putting some petrol on my 307 the display went nuts, saying I still have petrol for 9999 km, even though I just filled it with around 15 litres of petrol. I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like: How do I fix this? Kind regards!
  2. 207
    Hey team My 07 207 gt (1.6thp) has developed some issues, 1.Dip headlights wont work, bulbs ok, fuses ok, dip light comes on on dash. Is the dip headlight relay in the engine fuseboard? (the rest of the lights work includling light height adj) 2.Door locks lock/unlock at random, this is pain...
  3. How to guides and tutorials
    I have a Peugeot 307 HDI Diesel and I've changed the seals on the injectors. But I'm still getting fuel on the top of the engine. I have taken the old ones and put the new ones in as they were with the old ones. Why am I getting fuel coming out still? Some plastic rings came with the kit...
  4. 407
    hi i have a 407 coupe with the ew12j4s engine and my fuel gauge has gone to the lowest mark and the fuel light has come on was working yesterday but today there is no reading,when you turn the power off theres no reaction. Usually it stays on the correct level until the screen in the...
  5. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi, bought a Peugeot 308 from 2008 a month ago, haven't drove it except to bring it home. Yesterday it said low fuel and The engine cranks over but won’t start. Now, I have put around 8 litres that have got from the petrol station on a can, keeps saying low petrol. It barely moved the arrow...
  6. 207
    Hey guys, recently I discovered a problem with my P207 1.4P. My fuel reading goes up to 30l per 100km, but when I fill the tank to the top, and refill it after 100km, fuel consumption is about 9l per 100km and the car is driven mainly in city. Which is good, considering I'm 2km away from work...
1-6 of 6 Results