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  1. 107
    New to this but really want to give my Peugeot 107 a bit of a facelift. I have a 57 plate but looking at changing front bumper but most sites are saying thw 2009 and 2012 facelifts won’t fit my car? Any one have any clue why I can’t?
  2. 308 (2014-2021)
    Hi guys, So I have never posted on a forum in my life, apologies if this is the wrong spot or I'm barking up the wrong tree. Last week, I unfortunately rear ended someone. It was only about 20mph but the guy emergency stopped. So, I have had a look around and because my car is quite new, I'm...
  3. 207
    I have a 2007 207 1.4 HDI and I am hoping to put a facelifted bumper on it as I prefer the look of it. Would it be a simple old off new on or is the mounting and other pieces different? Any help appreciated
  4. 307
    Can you fit peugeot 307 facelift model front bumper to a 2005 model peugeot hb model ?
1-4 of 4 Results