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fault codes

  1. e208 Engine managment light on traction fault

    e-208 (2020+)
    i have had my e208 GT since feb and put 6k miles on it. however first it started when you put it in park, sometimes it will vibrate the car and make a machanical vibrating noise, but when you release park and engage it again it stoppes. this happens at random but is getting worse. yesterday i...
  2. 2.0 HDI 136bhp Lack of Power, Hunting when at constant speed, fuel pump?

    Hi all, I have a 307 136bhp which isn't running as it should, seems to take a while to start, when driving at a constant speed it has a noticeable hunting, and a general lack of power. Could it be the EGR, I have bought a blanking plate, just waiting for it to arrive. I have a basic code reader...
  3. 2007 207 1.6 hdi limp mode. Fixed

    Recently bought a 207 and after a few weeks of owning the car it's developed a problem. I'm fairly competent at fixing these things by myself but this has got me stumped. Its in limp atm and the fault reader is showing p0245. I've replaced the turbo pressure solenoid valve but no luck of...
  4. Multiple fault codes accompanied with low battery level

    3008 (2016 & prior)
    Hi, Got multiple fault codes at once and thought that the problem might be with the charger. Checked the battery level and it was 6 V when car isn't running and a bit lower when the car was running. For a few weeks some belt has made noise but it wasn't the main belt but the noise came from the...