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  1. Maintenance
    hi all, i`m looking for engine and gearbox codes and anything else I can get for my 2013 2.0 hdi expert. It appears to have been made in 2011 but I'm not believing the sources!!! If anybody can help the chassis no is - VF3XCAHY8BZ072573, eng no DYZG400 code. If anyone can enlighten me!!! ANY...
  2. Expert
    Hi all. I've done lots of searching (both on here and Google) but can't find a definite answer to my problem. My wife's van (Expert 1.6 HDI 2014) had a horribly stiff up and down travel on the gear stick. I popped the end of the cable off the selector head ball and the box is nice and free so...
  3. Expert
    Hi all, my first post so please be gentle! My 13 plate expert, 2.0 hdi, refused to start last week. Checked out all out, voltage as it should be, battery fully charged, so guessed it was starter. Replaced starter, still nothing. Checked ground points, all good. Worked back, and found fuse no.8...
1-3 of 3 Results