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  1. Performance Modifications
    Hi, I want to upgrade my stock exhaust on my Peugeot 206 plus to a sport exhaust. My car is a 206 plus 1.4i. But I have a question: Is the exhaust for the 206 plus the same as for the normal 206? So will a sport exhaust for the 206 fit my 206 plus? Or has anyone done a exhaust swap on a Peugeot...
  2. 206
    Hello all, Last time I put my car through an MOT it failed on emissions. Originally the car (206 '04) had a mk2 cat/manifold but I've since installed a tublar manifold and a mk1 cat which is located further down the exhaust system. Questions is will this most likely be the cause of my issue...
  3. 508 (2018+)
    Hi. I have been looking for some time to enhance my 508 GT. Im interested mostly in a fine sounding exhaust. Anyone has an idea about someone selling tuning parts for the new 508? Because I didnt find any. Thanks