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  1. 307
    Hello. I have a 2006 year 307 1.6 liter HDI Peugeot that I bought as a first car a month ago. Yesterday I was approaching an intersection and decided to turn left as it was clear, but I guess I didn't notice how much I slowed down so I entered and powered through the 2nd gear as the car was...
  2. 407
    Hi all recently got a Peugeot 407 2007 2.7hdi done 150,000km. runs smoothly when it wants to. sometimes when first driving it stutters but once warm it goes fine. recently had the engine light with codes P0405 P1351 The next day it just disappeared any help will be appreciated thanks.
  3. Maintenance
    Hi all, I am very new to the car world so please bear with me. I have a question about my engine light on my dashboard. I bought my 2008 Peugeot Allure last week from the Peugeot dealership. It’s is a 2017 plate. I have not realised until now but the orange engine light comes on when I start...
  4. Expert
    2003 Expert engine light stays on with what looks like "-K"symbol in it, I tried driving but there is a loss of power feels sluggish. Been researching but looks like it needs a part and a garage to lift it up and fit it????? Any help deeply appreciated
1-4 of 4 Results