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engine fault light

  1. e208 Engine managment light on traction fault

    e-208 (2020+)
    i have had my e208 GT since feb and put 6k miles on it. however first it started when you put it in park, sometimes it will vibrate the car and make a machanical vibrating noise, but when you release park and engage it again it stoppes. this happens at random but is getting worse. yesterday i...
  2. Help please! Peugeot 206 2L Hdi SW - Surging, Engine fault light, Anti-pollution, limping

    I really need urgent advice and help. I'm from South Africa and I think our 206's are not fitted with those anti-pollution systems inside the exhaust/silencer boxes. Let me explain what developed over the last year regarding my car. We moved from a very dry town to a coastal town and the car...
  3. Engine Fault Light

    Hello, So, my Peugeot 207 Envy passed its MOT less than 2 months ago with no issues. The car has done under 50,000 miles and I've had it for almost 4 years now with no issues. Unfortunately, theres now a message being displayed on the dashboard saying 'engine fault: repair needed' and it's now...