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  1. 307
    Hello All, Recently I have been plagued with a likely MAF related issue Code: P0102 - Flowmeter signalopen circuit or short circuit to earth Symptom: This issue causes an anti pollution message in the cabin and then seems to limit the revs to 3000 very slow and no power it is almost always...
  2. General Discussion
    I have my 2013, 5008 repaired with a new fuel additive pump. I am now baffled because the car goes into limp mode and the same engine repair light appears once I’ve added fuel within 500 meters of driving. Please can anyone give me any ideas.
  3. 5008 (2017+)
    I have a 2018 5008 1.2 automatic. The engine isn't working, it gave the code p3060 knock detector, superknock. I had exceeded my first service too much so local peugeot dealer and peugeot wouldn't repair it for warranty. They told me I would have to swap the engine and it would cost about 8.500...
  4. Expert
    Hi all. I've done lots of searching (both on here and Google) but can't find a definite answer to my problem. My wife's van (Expert 1.6 HDI 2014) had a horribly stiff up and down travel on the gear stick. I popped the end of the cable off the selector head ball and the box is nice and free so...
1-4 of 4 Results