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  1. 106
    Hi. I have a Peugeot 106 1.1 from 2000. The coolant light turns on, the moment the ignition is turned on. I changed to two coolant sensors on the motor. Checked the connection to the sensors. The cooling fan starts approx. 30 sec after starting the car. The coolant temperature is ok, but it...
  2. 308 (2014+)
    Hello all I am having trouble with my 308 again. I have just returned from a long trip to London and back, to which the car drove fine with no issues. This morning I have gone to get in the car to go for a drive and have found that it doesn't start. It seems that the power is there from the...
  3. 206
    Hello Guys, I brought some LED lights to replace my normal bulb lights on the headlights, turn side lights and the plate lights, but when I turn off the lights and turn on for example the side lights or use the brake, I see some current going into the headlights and the dashboard, I feel like...
  4. 206
    Hello, not sure if anyone can help, we’ve had our Peugeot 206sw ECU unit repaired as it was burnt out and now I’ve connected it back into our car and when I try to start the engine it turns over but won't actually start. I’ve checked fuses and wires but still nothing. Any info would help, thanks.