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  1. engine managment failure?

    hi i was driving the car today and it was running great until i stopped and put fuel in the car,within 2 minutes it was chugging and i was getting a exclamation mark on the screen saying something along the lines of engine management failure or error but no light? if u turned it off and removed...
  2. Repaired ECU but engine not starting

    Hello, not sure if anyone can help, we’ve had our Peugeot 206sw ECU unit repaired as it was burnt out and now I’ve connected it back into our car and when I try to start the engine it turns over but won't actually start. I’ve checked fuses and wires but still nothing. Any info would help, thanks.
  3. 56 plate 207 1.4 petrol

    Bought my daughter a really clean 207 after passing her driving test, only 53k on the clock! 1 week in, pootling along and the car just stops! Thankfully we had the sense to RAC her, they’ve got her going again but the diagnosis was the car requires a new ECU fitted. I would like to know if...