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  1. 3008 (2016 & prior)
    Just bought a 2010 3008 off a friend, it was in economy mode, put a new battery on it as the one on it was no good after testing it, once the new battery was on economy mode went off all the radio works lights, Windows’s etc but when you turn the key to crank it over you get nothing, did a...
  2. 207
    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 2008 model 207 and it has been running fine until yesterday when I tried to start the car it simply would not start and it would display economy mode active on the screen in the middle of dashboard. From what I've read online it's usually a battery issue...
  3. 206
    Hi, In my possession I have a 2005 Pug 206cc (1.6L @ 70,000miles) which my daughter bought recently. I'm starting to wish she hadn't bothered if I'm honest! I've done the plugs, all new filters (apart from fuel), oil & a full set of new brakes, full refresh. I picked the car up from the...
  4. 206
    Hey my Peugeot 206 1.6 16v just went eco mode and I replaced the battery and it still won't start how do I do
  5. 308 (2014-2021)
    Hi I have some challenges with start-stop on my Peugeot 308 SW II 1.6 BlueHDI EAT6, I have changed the battery as start-stop no longer activate. After the battery is replaced, the engine stops properly when it enters ECO-mode. But when the brake is released and the engine has to start, it just...
  6. General Discussion
    I am hoping someone can help with my query. My 207cc had new battery fitted in Dec 19, then MOT Apri 20, all work done at same place. Since then, I left work and only use the car a couple of times a week. I keep getting a message that economy mode is active, several times the car has had to...
1-6 of 6 Results