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  1. My Peugeot app issues with e208

    e-208 (2020+)
    Hi guys, just signed up for this forum as I’ve been having a few annoying intermittent issues with the app and e-remote and wanted to see if other were seeing the same issues. Basically I’ve been experimenting with the delay charge feature and setting it both within the app and within the car...
  2. My Peugeot app... is it really this bad?

    e-208 (2020+)
    Just invested in a new e208, the car is pretty good, it looks great and delivers 160miles range on the motorway and shy of 200 urban, with a great interior, all is good. However the My Peugeot app is a total disgrace / embaressment. Where do I start? Initially had to get car software upgraded...
  3. e208 update and remotely setting air con

    General Discussion
    Hi, 1) Does anyone know if the e208 (mine arrived on 23rd July) is due a screen update? It mentions it on the app but when running the .exe on a PC it does not complete. The message received is 'Peugeot update does not allow the update for this vehicle'. I have not got the in-built...
  4. e208 Engine managment light on traction fault

    e-208 (2020+)
    i have had my e208 GT since feb and put 6k miles on it. however first it started when you put it in park, sometimes it will vibrate the car and make a machanical vibrating noise, but when you release park and engage it again it stoppes. this happens at random but is getting worse. yesterday i...