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  1. e-208 (2020+)
    Hi there, first post on forum. I picked up a e-208 this morning. It was some 300 km away and weather has been bad here today, temps around 0 centigrade with rain and sleet, so I visited a few rapid chargers. My probelm is that chargning either cuts off after first minute or so, or it wont start...
  2. e-208 (2020+)
    So i got my factory new peugeot e-208 2 weeks ago. Ive been driving it around town and always keeping it at a battery level between 20% - 80% at my offices semi-slow charger. ive driven aprox 400km total at this point. Couple of days ago i decided to take a longer trip to meet a friend and it...
  3. 208 (2019+)
    I just got a software update notification for my e-208 GT in the MyPeugeot app. I downloaded the Peugeot Update app (on my PC and Mac) and when I try to add my car I just get an error about connection issues. Does this app work? Is there something specific I need to do to get around this issue...
1-3 of 3 Results