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  1. 207 cc 1.6 - Driverside door squeaking (upper hinge)

    Hi, new here. Just picked up a little 207 cc. Fixing up a few things on it. Bare with me I'm a noob, but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction... The upper hinge on the driver side door is squeaking like crazy! It seems to be coming from the little curved box shape part of it...
  2. Front driver side door speaker wire / door plug

    I am trying to pull new speaker wire to the driver side door, but am having trouble accessing the plug from the interior as it seems to be behind BSI / airbag / fusebox The car is left hand drive, so on the driver side there is BSI and knee airbag before I am able to access the door plug...
  3. 307 door handle pulled out

    The outside driver door handle of my 2006 307 pulled out and I was wondering how I could fix this?