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  1. 3008 (2016 & prior)
    Hey all, I sent my car in for repair, didn't get the windscreen replaced but had the whole front of the car replaced. Clearly the dash has been had to have a few prods here and there. I've got in the car for the first time and this happens. Anyone any idea? Initial thoughts were there is...
  2. 407
    Hi! I recently bought a used 407, 2005, 2.0 petrol. I am trying to clean it up and to restore it's full functionality. I have encountered questions about the functions of the car. The main problems are around the radio and the display. Firstly, the display is type c and I know I have rear...
  3. 307
    Hi all, Yesterday after putting some petrol on my 307 the display went nuts, saying I still have petrol for 9999 km, even though I just filled it with around 15 litres of petrol. I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like: How do I fix this? Kind regards!
1-3 of 3 Results