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    Hello, my Lion has undergone AMVAR suspension removal by the previous owner. It's now running on standard shocks. I would very much like to restore the original functionality but I've had no luck in finding the required shocks anywhere - used in decent shape or new. Based on VIN I've been told...
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    Hi guys, I have a question. After reinstalling an engine to car, I don’t know where put one part. It is little heavy made of steel.
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    Hi, Odd question but I've been trying to disconnect the battery so I can make some adjustments to speaker wiring without blowing up the speakers. However I am struggling to even find the battery in the engine bay. There is a (second?) battery in the boot (trunk) behind a cover in the wall. Is...
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    Hi all! I noticed there's quite some wind noise on the driver side of my car, on the passenger side the noise is quite less (but still a bit). When washing the car there's no water conning in through the seals so I assume the noise comes from somewhere else. Does anyone else have the same...
1-4 of 4 Results