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  1. 307
    Hi, I moved to the UK with a LHD Peugeot 307 SW from 2005, pre-facelift, petrol. I'd like to replace the current kilometer speedometer with a miles version, would that be possible? It is not necessary for the MOT because the car is older than 10 years, but it would be better for driving here...
  2. 106
    I have a 106 5dr Independence with a rapid 1.1 engine. What I'm asking is, does 306 running gear fit a 106? If I had the Engine and Gearbox and all the rest of a 306 what would fit and what wouldn't. (Also, I KNOW it would be easier to buy a 1.4 106 but there hasn't been a 106 1.4 listed in...
  3. RCZ
    Hi guy, I'm on progress to convert my RCZ (2014) to electric powered by Tesla drivetrain. I need to keep power steering and ABS brake (hopefully with other stability functions) but those function's ECU require CAN BUS message to work. After I remove an engine I need to feed message (i.,e RPM...
1-3 of 3 Results