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  1. 207
    For future info to members and guests I thought I'd record the problems and fixes I've just made to my daughters Peugeot 207. Very frustrating to pin down but sorted in the end. May also be applicable to other marques/models with similar engines or ECU design e.g. Citroen C2 a) Actual fault...
  2. Expert
    I'm trying to replace The rear barn doors on my Citreon Disptach with a tailgate from an Expert taxi e7. I have a couple of questions: Firstly, getting the wiring to work. Below are attached wiring diagrams from dispatch and expert tepee. Dispatch 6218 plug is: pin 1: G/Y wire ground...
  3. 307
    Hi all I'm going to be changing the Cat out on the car soon and want to replace the O2 sensors while I'm under there and the cat is off (hopefully improving the MPG) My question is - where on earth do you disconnect the sensors? From under the car the wires disappear up towards the exhaust...
1-3 of 3 Results