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cold start
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    Hi guys, I have problem with my 1.6 hdi engine( year 2007, 270 000km). It has problem with cold start (sometimes engine can starts on +2 celsius and sometimes it has problem to start on +8 celsius). When I press gas pedal on the floor it accelerates and sometime jerks - (mainly on “heavy load”...
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    Hi guys, I have a problem with cold starts. I have mazda 3 with diesel engine - 1.6 HDI (peugeot engine). Engine has problem with cold start (when car stands outside overnight) but when engine is hot it is working absolutly perfect. Problem is that it is not always happening ( sometimes cold...
  3. 407
    Hi, my 2005 Peugeot 407 (535 000 km) has a hard time cold starting (if its warm it starts with no problem).Its just cranking over and it sounds like its not getting any fuel. If I prime the fuel prime bulb with the key in ignition it helps. It drives smoothly with no problems or any stuttering...
1-3 of 3 Results