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  1. Peugeot 206 1.4i Petrol - Clutch diagnosis

    I think there is an issue with my clutch but unsure if it is pedal itself, clutch cable or entire clutch. Pedal travel is fine (although a little soft but only a little), pedal seems very loose when you just touch it before engaging/disengaging clutch pedal (is this the nut at the clutch pedal...
  2. A/C compressor not coming on, no voltage at connector.

    2002 peugeot 2061.4i my A/C has stopped working. It was regassed about 6 months ago. The compressor clutch is not activating because there is no voltage at the connector. The rad fan does come on when the A/C is turned on (presumably on the same relay??) Presumably the next step is to check...
  3. Issues selecting 5th and reverse gear ?

    Hi all I’m new here so I’d really appreciate some help. I have changed the clutch on my 207 1.4 petrol and now that I have it all back together I’m having some issues getting 5th and reverse gear. This mornjng I took it out for a test drive and everything was fine selecting all gears and driving...
  4. 308 gearbox issues

    General Discussion
    Hi all Sorry this will be a long one ? I'm after a bit of advice today. I baught a 2014 Peugeot 308 1.6hdi about 7 months ago and although I do really enjoy it I have found that the dealer who sold it to me may have pulled a fast one and I'm wondering if I can now do anything about it. When...
  5. Clutch toast?

    So, for the last few days there has been a very slight grinding (sounded a bit like when driving in reverse) noise when driving my 2004 2.0 petrol manual 307. Clutch action has also felt a bit poor when taking off from still on 1st as in the whole car shaking a little before the clutch is...
  6. 3008 Clutch Issue

    3008 (2017+)
    Hello. I've got a 1.2 Manual GT Line, new from March 2019. I've noticed that sometimes the car won't go into 1st gear, and I have to disengage and then engage the clutch to get it into first. Anyone else had this issue?
  7. Clutch judder when (clutch) warms up

    308 (2014+)
    Recently, the Pug started getting juddery when moving in 1st gear from a stop, but only when the cluth has been warmed up/overheated, meaning in normal driving from home to work and back, this usually doesn't happen (it's a 7km ride, usually 15-20 minutes when the traffic is normal). On days...