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clutch issues
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    Hello everyone, I’m taking my car to a main dealer garage next week to get a clutch problem seen to, but if anyone can advise on what the problem might be, that would really help (as I have no idea)! The other day I was driving and all of a sudden, when I was changing gears, I heard a...
  2. 107
    Hello, I have a 61 plate Peugeot 107 urban and the clutch is making a funny noise. Been advised it’s a bearing gone and quoted £300 to replace the clutch. No idea if this is reasonable as I’m a complete numpty when it comes to cars. Any advice appreciated.
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    Hey, looking for some advice. I have been noticing recently when driving that my revs are going high and the cars not moving like I’d expect vs the revs it’s doing. Changing gear the revs heighten and I struggle to pull away or gain any speed. My clutch is high but always has been, I got my...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi all, I have gone to bleed my clutch system through today and noticed a few things that have left me a little bewildered. I did a bit of research first (on here and YouTube) on how to do it and was fairly confident going in but soon realised that my car seems to be different to every other...
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    I think there is an issue with my clutch but unsure if it is pedal itself, clutch cable or entire clutch. Pedal travel is fine (although a little soft but only a little), pedal seems very loose when you just touch it before engaging/disengaging clutch pedal (is this the nut at the clutch pedal...
1-5 of 5 Results