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central locking

  1. 206 gti 180 passenger door lock

    HI there everyone, so since i got my '04 206 gti 180 I've only been able to use the drivers door by using the key hole. With the passenger door i can insert the key but it shows zero sign of wanting to move. i thought the unlock button on my key was faulty but had a new key programmed and the...
  2. Expert van fob not working as it should

    Last Friday my van locked me inside, no big deal, I could open door ok, but since then the fob won't lock anything and when I lock the van using the key in the drivers door (the only key hole) the van then unlocks itself seconds later. Also, the first button unlocked the front only, but now...
  3. Central locking stopped working using key fob.

    Hi, I bought a 2017 Peugeot boxer van last week from auction, it’s a long wheel base. van was working fine but the Key stopped opening/locking the doors after a couple of days, it’s 110% not the key as I had a specialist check it out this evening. I can lock/unlock the side and rear doors...
  4. OEM parking sensors and central locking key fob

    greetings all. i have a '01 Peugeot 406 2.0 petrol (XU10J4R,yes,maybe a bit odd for you guys since i'm from Indonesia,this country on top of Australia) so,i have a question regarding getting an OEM parking sensors from a higher-spec model,since my car is a basic model,it doesn't have one,and...